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Satisfying Work for A Sustainable World.

Join the Building Energy Controls Apprenticeship Program Today.

About the Program

The Building Energy & Controls Apprenticeship (BECA) Program is dedicated to solving a problem:
There is a shortage of workers able to audit commercial buildings, improve building energy efficiency, and program and operate commercial building control systems.

Funded by the US Department of Energy, BECA is the first of its kind. The overarching goal is to increase throughput of highly qualified building energy efficiency and controls graduates in the Western US, who will be prepared to identify and implement energy-saving measures, including controls, in commercial buildings.

Not only is there an expanse of well-paid job opportunities for graduates in this growing field, but they will be directly helping to build and manage a sustainable future everywhere. The program is available to anyone in the Western United States.

This program requires related training through Lane Community College.

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BECA Education Options

This program aims to build a skilled labor force, and so there are two accessible education options for applicants that have not worked in this field before. 

For apprentices new to Commercial Building Energy Efficiency and Building Controls, BECA begins with online technical training at Lane Community College.

Apprentices may complete an Associate of Applied Science 2- Year degree in Energy Management with Controls with the first year dedicated to core learning at Lane Community College, and the second year focusing on more advanced courses that run concurrently with apprenticeship hours at BECA.  

For apprentices that aren’t interested in the AAS degree but need to complete the BECA Related Training, you can take the degree core courses required for the Related Training while completing the On-The-Job component of the BECA Program.  

Because the AAS degree includes related training for BECA, both programs are represented here.  

You can enroll in this program from anywhere in the Western US. Related training coursework is all online through Lane Community College. The organizations shown on the map are potential Fieldwork Mentors and Training Agents. If you are not located near a Fieldwork Mentor or Training Agent, we will facilitate agreements with new organizations in your area.

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