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Education Options

BECA program aims to build a skilled labor force, and so there are two accessible education options for applicants that have not worked in this field before. 

For apprentices new to Commercial Building Energy Efficiency and Building Controls, BECA begins with online technical training at Lane Community College.

Apprentices may complete an Associate of Applied Science 2- Year degree in Energy Management with Controls with the first year dedicated to core learning at Lane Community College, and the second year focusing on more advanced courses that run concurrently with apprenticeship hours at BECA.

For apprentices that aren’t interested in the AAS degree but need technical training before working in the field, they can take related training classes (degree core courses) while in the BECA Program.  

Because the AAS degree includes related training for BECA, both programs are represented here.  

The LCC online Energy Management w/Controls AAS Degree:

This is our foundation program. With this degree, students learn about Commercial buildings and what it takes to make them operate energy efficiently. Students take courses in Building Science, Heating Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, Lighting systems, Energy Calculations, Commercial Building Energy Auditing, and building controls systems. After the first year of classes, AAS students will begin the BECA Program, and complete their paid 2000-hour apprenticeship. 

The AAS Degree also requires the completion of general education courses (math, physics, writing). This LCC degree in Commercial Building Energy Management with Controls is highly regarded in the clean energy industry and recognized as the leading program in Energy Education. 

Scholarships are available and will be listed shortly. Our program director can also help direct applicants towards the best scholarship opportunities.

Building Energy and Controls Apprenticeship (BECA):

BECA is a new Oregon State Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI) registered apprenticeship program launched October 1, 2021. BECA has two requirements and one highly recommended opportunity. The two requirements are Related Training and On-the-Job training. The related training is classroom instruction which is part of the LCC online Energy Management w/Controls AAS Degree program. The on-the-job training is a paid 2,000-hour position with a firm that agrees to support an apprentice by having a “training agent” mentor. Once done with the Related Training and OJT requirements the apprentice is eligible to sit for the Association of Energy Engineer Certified Energy Manager Certification, giving trained apprentices industry recognized credibility beyond the two-year AAS degree. 

Note: For applicants with relevant technical experience, the Building Energy and Controls Apprenticeship may not require taking courses prior to beginning the Program. The level of qualification will be determined through the apprenticeship application process.