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B.E.C.A- An Introduction to Our Program!

Jumpstart your new career in a sustainable, growing, and well-paying industry in just two years and/or do an apprenticeship in addition to the AAS degree.

Our world demands more energy efficient and resilient buildings, but we need people to manage those buildings and keep them efficient.

The Building & Energy Controls Apprenticeship is a 2000 hour on the job training program that prepares students to become energy auditors, building managers and more, depending on their interests and abilities. Our program is highly accessible, and we encourage minorities, women, students, and veterans to apply. The Apprenticeship portion of our program includes an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) degree.

During the first year, students attend Lane Community College online and learn the ins and outs of the energy management industry, from ventilation systems to lighting controls. This first year provides a good foundation for the student to be able to work with a training agent and fulfill their 2000 hours.

Funded by the Department of Energy, the course curriculum is designed by building and energy experts from Lane’s Northwest Water & Energy Education Institute and the University of Oregon’s Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory.

From testing systems to programing building controls, we prepare students to begin working with a training agent where they do 2000 hours of paid, on the job training. This can start as soon as the summer after the completion of the first year classes. Coordinated through the Associate Builders & Contractors Apprenticeship program, students are paired with training agents in their area, so they don’t even have to move for their work. This second year includes additional related training and will complete the AAS degree. The 2000 hours is flexible enough for students to work and study. All classes are online and have flexible schedules.

Our program is run by Lane Community College’s Brenda Cervantes and Roger Ebbage who know the ins and outs of the program process, and the curriculum is part of the Lane Community College’s Energy Management with Building Controls options. Additional curriculum will augment related training and will be created by University of Oregon Energy & Building Controls Experts Mark Fretz, and Gwynne Mhuireach, members of the Energy Studies in Building Laboratory.