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Accessibility on the Job

At BECA, we care about making energy careers accessible to all. From accommodations by training agents to online classrooms and lessening financial burdens, we are doing our best to make the energy management sector available to everyone.

The BECA program matches students with Training Agents in their area, but also works with their interests and abilities. Our Training Agents are ready to accommodate the needs of apprentices. We have experience with wheelchair-using students and are prioritizing accessibility for students. The world of energy management is flexible and can often be done at a desk or sometimes remotely, widening work options for people with disabilities, injuries, or simply the need for a more flexible lifestyle.

Additionally, our first year of online school is intentionally remote so that people from all over the Western US can participate, but also so parents can take care of their children, so people don’t have to deal with the logistics of getting to and from class, and so students can work other jobs as they learn.

Finally, we don’t want financial barriers to hold students back, and we have a number of scholarships available for students, bringing them the most financial support possible. See more on scholarships here.

Our program wants you, and will work with you to figure out what will serve you the best. Apply Here.